Sounds: HARMS // Aquarium

Brooklyn’s HARMS – better known as Jake Harms – wasn’t started with the intention to release a record. All he had was a handful of songs and the desire to make something entirely his own, separate from his other band, What Moon Things. The result? Pure indie rock goodness, the kind that readers at Left Bank know I just can’t get enough of.

I want to listen to “Aquarium” in the middle of the night, after having a really bad day and maybe a drink too many. I want to listen to it in the summertime, on a long roadtrip, and I want to listen to it at least three more times tonight before I move on to the next review. It’s one of the deep, groovy songs that leaps up and takes you with it. His voice is soulful and impassioned at times, then breaks into a near-scream, the notes quivering over the crashing drums.

In a word? L.O.V.E. Stream “Aquarium” here:

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