Sounds: Joynoise // Paper Weights

Sometimes I really like angry songs, especially if they feel genuinely, exceptionally angry. Not like, “Oh, you know what this record needs? An angry song. Let’s write an angry song,” but like, “I am beyond furious and there aren’t words to fully express it, so I may just start screaming while my buddy beats the drums like they’ve personally offended him.”

That’s the feeling I got when listening to Orange County, CA’s Joynoise and their latest release, “Paper Weights.” That’s certainly the feeling they were going for. “This is our angriest and most bitter song yet,” they said. “It’s a good song to break shit to.”

Yeah, I get that. It makes me want to take a kickboxing class and then jump around and pump my fist (which is pretty much what me taking a kickboxing class would look like) while screaming “Paper Weights” at the top of my lungs. At the very least, it’ll get your heart rate up.

Dig it here:

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