Sounds: Death Hags // Earthbound

LA-based Death Hags – better known as the multifaceted project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Lola Jean – is a world traveler in all senses of the world. Born in the French Alps but residing in the hills of Los Angeles now, “Earthbound” is a sonic amalgamation of her French-Californian background (and let’s be honest, it’s kinda of hard not to be incredibly cool when you’re French and living in California) combined with the trippy, space-odyssey vibes of David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth. 

“”Earthbound” is the feeling of coming back to life,” Lola Jean said. “It’s that moment when you overcome grief to see the world with new eyes — grief over what the earth is going through, the inevitability and the scale of it, but also personal trauma, because they are linked. I started healing from both when I realized that. Terrible things are happening to the earth right now but it is still beautiful and we can still care for it and keep it beautiful. The same can be said of those of us who have suffered abuse and trauma. We can still heal regardless of the damage and we are still beautiful, sometimes more beautiful with the damage. The only constant is change.”

Ethereal, enveloping, and utterly out of the world, “Earthbound” is my cosmic crush of the night. Stream it here:

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