Sounds: Radwimps // Sokkenai

Japan’s Radwimps latest single, “Sokkenai” is everything a love song should be: melodic, emotive, provocative, and so easy to listen to. “Sokkenai” is all of that and more. Telling the story of early stages of love, “Sokkenai” – and the music video that accompanies it – is delicate and heartfelt, lead singer Yojiro Noda’s vocals carrying the perfect balance of passion and tenderness.

Everything about this song reminds me of the butterflies of a first date, the will-they-won’t-they thrill, the shy smiles and the pause before you reach for their hand. It’s the start of something new and big and exciting, and it’s equal parts terrifying and the most wonderful thing you’ve ever experienced.

Bottom line? This song feels like falling in love all over again. Watch the video for “Sokkenai” here:

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