Sounds: Grymm // BR-EA-THE

Brighton’s indie-grunge hybrid Grymm come in swinging with “BR-EA-THE.” A fuzzed out cacophony, lead singer Morgan Jones’ wailing vocals wind high above a dark symphony that tries to bury him with every measure.

Written as a pointed examination at the dark, twisted, violence of the world we live in, Grymm’s “BR-EA-THE” is emotional chaos at its finest, sinking down into quiet menace in the verses before launching into an all-out musical attack.

“Buried and buried ’til it’s all the same.”

Despite the intensity of the lyrics and the dark, grunge-inspired music, Grymm’s dedication to melody is unmistakable; the song listens easily, even as the lyrics – and the pounding drums – hit you in the chest with the force of a runaway freight train.

Stream “BR-EA-THE” here:

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