Sounds: Baby FuzZ // I’m Still Holding Out For You

“You can take your love away

But my heart will still be beating for you

I’ll hold it down for you.”

Baby FuzZ launches to new heights with “I’m Still Holding Out For You.” An impassioned, heart-wrenching cry, the R&B-flavored track is soulful, sprinkled with synth and sharp lyricism, his voice reaching a jagged scream before the track sinks down low with one final promise: “I’ll go down to the river / Put my head under water / Pray to God He delivers me from your waves / And even if I drown / I’m gonna hold it down for you.”

Beyond his vocals – which are incredible – and the lyricism, the dynamics throughout the song kept me hanging on, waiting for the next rise and fall.

Stream “I’m Still Holding Out For You” here:

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