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Last year, I had the pleasure of being part of Jeff Hamilton’s street art fair in downtown Los Angeles. Each artist was given a large booth to set up their work. Directly across from me, in his booth, was an artist named Mr. MK Ultra. I hadn’t seen his work before, but it immediately grabbed my eyes and my brain and took me on a wild, vivid ride to pop-culture hell and back. Or maybe I still haven’t made it back to the surface.

The toxic colors, the distorted icons and the demented, paranoid fantasies that are represented in his art are still on my mind. Are our leaders really reptilian? Is mind-control real? Did the CIA’s covert program ever end? I had a lot of questions. Mr. MK Ultra responded in his own handwriting, as if scribbling out a manifesto of his beliefs.


MK Ultra was the code name for an illegal mind-control program by the CIA in the 50s, 60s and 70s, which supposedly stopped in 1973. So why adopt that as your moniker or alter-ego? Do you believe that the program was really ended, or is it simply in a different state today?

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The first time I saw your work was at Jeff Hamilton’s Street Art Fair in 2017, and the thing that struck me the most was the vibrant, almost toxic use of the color green, like it was radioactive waste. Can you describe the way you approach color as a way of expressing certain ideas?

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The second thing that grabbed me about your work was the way you use cultural icons such as Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, political figures as tools for some sort of agenda by a deep state or subversive government. In one of your pieces, Hilary Clinton’s head is split in two and you can see that she is nothing but a robot. Do you believe that no matter who is in charge, they are not really the one who is in charge, that there is more going on behind the scenes?

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This question has been redacted.


You often dress like a deranged Ronald McDonald. How did that start and what is the meaning behind it? Is it simply to hide your true identity or is it a statement about consumerism? What are you trying to say?

Answer 5

Is Donald Trump a snake or lizard person? Is he the next Hitler? 

Answer 6

When did you start as an artist and who are your biggest influences? What else would you like people to know about you that I haven’t asked about?

Answer 7


Are you currently showing anywhere, and where can people find you online?

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