Sounds: We Are The City // Our Spectacular and Common Lives

It’s been three years since Vancouver’s beloved indie-rock outfit, We Are The City, released their last record, but At Night – and its new single, “Our Spectacular and Common Lives” – is more than worth the wait.

Featuring Cayne McKenzie, David Menzel, and Andrew Huculiak, We Are The City is a pop-infused experiment rooted in dreamy indie rock that I could listen to for days on end. The music video for “Our Spectacular and Common Lives” is as entrancing as the track itself: subtly distorted, a little hazy, and impossible to turn off.

“All practical effects done in a single take using multiple panes of glass, heaving lights, and a spinning anamorphic lens. Sonically, it’s shoegaze with synths. Visually, it’s Blade Runner with Call Me By Your Name. This is a video to watch in a dark room, at night, after a day of madness.”

Joyful and intentionally imperfect, “Our Spectacular and Common Lives” is static-soaked and melodic. Watch the video here:

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