Sounds x Review: TOZ Antonio Piretti // Another Place for Us

“Music is to share emotions. Songs are messages to communicate experiences and beliefs.” 

Canadian by way of Italy, singer-songwriter TOZ Antonio Piretti infuses his world-traveling wisdom and meandering sense of wanderlust into “Another Place for Us.” Lighthearted and drifting, “Another Place for Us” features Piretti and his acoustic guitar, the same one that traveled on the back of a bicycle during a tour across Canada in 2017.

Once a suit-and-tie-wearing businessman, Piretti took a leap of faith, trading his nine-to-five for lyrics and a guitar. The wistfulness, hope, and wonder he must have felt then is woven through this song; there’s a long road ahead of him, with no promise of where it might lead.

“The wind is blowing us away

There has to be another place

The lights are showing you the way

I know there’ll be another place for us this time.” 

Blending his native Italian in the impassioned delivery, this is the story of a man staring down an uncertain future with, all the while knowing in his heart that the path he’s walking is taking him exactly where he needs to be.

 “It’s not the fear to fail

‘Cause I’m on my way

Home is on this trace.” 

Stream “Another Place for Us” here: