Sounds: Lucille Furs // Another Land

I’ll be honest: when I listened to Chicago’s Lucille Furs for the first time, I was not expecting the addictive 60s-tinged psychedelic pop that burst through the speakers. Was I disappointed? Oh, absolutely not.

Imagine the Zombies and the Kinks had an experimental baby, who then joined the beatnik scene (a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face) and performed in a basement club in Paris at a party that only those “in the know” know about at all. That’s “Another Land.” It’s warm and analog, a stark contrast from the cold pop sheen playing on the radio, and it’s got a harpsichord. Find me another song this good featuring a harpsichord, and then let’s talk about how cool and underrated harpsichords are. Don’t even get me started on the tempo change and the swirling, atmospheric soundscape. It’s seriously trippy.

Even better? They’ve got a full-length album, Another Land, set to release in February, recorded to tape at Treehouse Studios in Chicago. I’ll be waiting.

Stream “Another Land” here:

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