Sounds: Alexandra Babiak // Crazy for You

I had this girlfriend in high school. She was quiet and pretty, and otherwise unexceptional to me. Looking back, I know she was exceptional, but things are often unclear to 18-year-old shitheads. I’m not saying I have regrets about her, just acknowledging that I’m not a great person sometimes. What was exceptional, was her enormous heart. I didn’t know it then, but that’s what drew me to her.

Alexandra Babiak‘s “Crazy for You” reminds me of sitting in my childhood bedroom with her, drinking tea, and listening to the Weepies. We felt out of place together. We mourned the loss of our childhood together and excitedly planned our adult lives. We didn’t make long-term plans together. We knew that we wouldn’t end up together, but we were determined to enjoy what time we had.

Alexandra is somewhere between indie and folk, that perfect combination of new angst and ancient nostalgia. She sounds like if you unplugged the Cranberries, a delicately cultivated and simultaneously effortless female voice. Just like that old lover you look back on with fondness, without any regrets with your current life and love.

“Crazy for You” will transport you back to your childhood bedroom with your first love.

Hear it below:


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