Left Bank Zine – Digital Version

Heyo! In the words of Ice Cube, today was (and is) a good day. For those of you who don’t want to add another piece of paper to your apartment or just want to save the trees that we are out here killing, this moment is for you.


We are breaking into eCommerce one packet of paper at a time, and now you can get your (figurative) hands on our newest zine for half the price. 

Told you it was (is) a good day.

Zine #2 – Bienvenue – Digital

Digital copy of the most recent Left Bank Zine, ft. interviews with Public Practice, WRDSMTH, Dead Naked Hippies, Calvin Love, The Nude Party // Words x our rad lady in charge Kay Potter and Vittoria Benzine // Art x Von Ecker, Ottophobia, Carisa Bledsoe, Russell Dreyer, and Anton Vitkovskiy, and so much more. Link will be sent to you upon confirmation of purchase.


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