Sounds: Lazy Legs // Limbo

Drinking too much at a party is one of my biggest sources of anxiety. I hate feeling out of control. It’s pretty overwhelming. When it gets bad, I’ll hide in the bathroom or go out for a slice, just until the wave passes. Funny enough, drinking too much usually happens because I’m anxious. I have a couple of drinks too quickly to be a little more social, but when I’m not careful, I can go a little overboard. Then the fun, new anxiety kicks in.

I’m not a wild drunk. I usually talk too much to one person or find a nice corner to hunker down in. Without fail, I reach a point of the party when I’m too drunk and I want to go home because I don’t feel safe anymore. I just HAVE to be alone.

But I went to the party because I didn’t want to spend another night alone? I wanted to see my friends. Being a human being is confusing.

Portland based Lazy Legs hits the nail of social anxiety right on the head with “Limbo.” It rises and falls, soothes then distorts, just like an introvert trying to get through another party. It’s shoe-gaze perfection.

Hear it below:



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