Sounds: Marcos Naide // In the Streets

Argentina’s Marcos Naide released his debut album one year ago, but what followed was complete silence as the musician took a deep dive into developing and refining his signature sound. It was an ambitious and brave step for a musician, whose livelihood requires producing constant content to keep fans engaged, but Naide’s fearlessness paid off.

The result? “In the Streets,” a synth-heavy, lo-fi track that flirts with analog sounds and blends the nostalgia of retro pop with the slick sensibilities of modern music.

“The song has as a theme – my own personal experience – and that led me to reflect on the value we put in problems with solutions, and how lost we are on the way. But everything in a mood full of hope.”

Groovy and bouncing, “In the Streets” has a thread of hope woven through it, setting it apart from the darker winter releases.

Stream “In the Streets” here:


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