Sounds x Review: Beau + Luci Live at Rockwood Music Hall


Last week BEAU + LUCI squeezed out as much of South Georgia as they could for the people who came out to Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The band hopped up on stage, said their hellos, and jumped right into it. Fueled up on caffeine and adrenaline, the group played their brand of melodic rock, accented with southern swag. After the first song, it was obvious that this crew didn’t come all the way to New York to sightsee; they came to kick out the freakin’ jams!

The electric, Southern Rock riffs, accompanied by the larger-than-life, siren-song vocals of BEAU + LUCI are hard to ignore. Their sound seems deeply rooted in the Southern Rock influences of the Allman Brothers Band and Alabama Shakes, with the vocal stylings of Grace Slick or Adele. The group definitely has jumped off the shoulders of some great rock giants, but are now soaring off, doing their own thing.

On a side note, another thing that makes BEAU + LUCI awesome is that one of their members, Luci Turner, is also the editor of Left Bank Magazine. So if you’re not able to see her and her band live, you can always catch her here on Left Bank, giving her take on what’s hot or not in current music and culture.

Be sure to check out BEAU + LUCI on tour in 2019 and on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.

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