Sofia Evangelina Releases A Pop Classic With ‘This Is Your Song’

 Words by David Robson

There must be something in the water over in Canada. Sofia Evangelina, who, at only 16 years old, just released this track, “This Is Your Song.”

Sofia Evangelina is no stranger to crafting a powerful release and conveys an extremely compelling track. We don’t normally go for pop tracks but “This Is Your Song” works–shining with confidence and full of a strong reassurance that anything in life is achievable.

“This Is Your Song” starts with a polished party beat, following with a vocal performance by Sofia which reinforces her message of strength remarkably well. On this track, Sofia Evangelina’s signature sound thrives, her vocals draw some similarities to Christina Aguilera.

It is always refreshing to hear an artist in their early career—early Alice Cooper is some of my favorite music to jam to–especially before they progress into the possibility of worldwide success. Listen to Sofia’s new track below:

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