Sounds: Blue Wilson // Big Rock

Los Angeles’s Blue Wilson and his newest release, “Big Rock,” are a soothing foray into the lo-fi, lo-fuss, swathe of psychedelia that has washed over indie music in recent time (think Mild High Club, Homeshake, Mac Demarco.) Nevertheless, Big Rock stands on its own. The song kicks off with a nice marble-y rhythm synth, which sets the tone. Then, a familiar drop of chorus-drenched sounds pulls the curtain to reveal a liquid, esoteric instrumentation. Dejected, Lennon-psych vocals coupled with personal, emotive folk lyrics roll off in a pleasant but elusive pop melody along the way. It’s not a barrier-breaking indie pop song, but it is a great little to track that’ll make your string feel a little less tight.

My favorite part is the bouncy, stringent bass tone that rides along most of the of the four-minute song’s runtime. The lyrics are at times simple and unspecific, then suddenly personal, all packed in a nice little pop package. At certain points, they feel a little congested, but when they come across, you understand the profound place that Blue Wilson pulled them out of. With an innocent, chill city-meets-country vibe going on, this song is an invitation to explore more of the world he’s creating through his music.

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