Sounds x Album Review: Party Dark // Young Living

I spoke to Jeremy of Party Dark on the phone the other day. He grew up down the road from me, surprisingly enough. We’d never met or heard of each other before, but after listening to his latest album, I felt like we had known each other for a long time.

Young Living is the latest seven-track album from electronic duo Party Dark. The album begins with its self-title, a brief, mildly upbeat track that hooks a listener into an odd new experience.

Next, “Fuck Me” and “Barely Legal Cheese” deliver heavy, droning wub-wubs and emotional intensity rarely seen in bedroom music. Monotone vocals and heavy electronic lines force the listener into an experience. They can’t help but hear the artist’s emotions and pain and ambition. It’s fucking intense. Not my usual bag in the least bit, but delicious none the less.

Jeremy and Mikhail throw us a curve ball with an intermission. The brief “20/20 Dreams” is a perfect intermission to lead us through a listening experience. That was their intention in the first place. “Young Living” was all about creating a full, brief album that connected with the listener. While only a 30-minute album, it’s a full, musical experience for everyone involved. And mother of God, it is. “20/20 Dreams” is the ideal transition into the second half of the album. The half that won me over from “all right! I like this,” to “oh fuck yes.”

“Nice for the Night” is a broken heart ballad that makes me stare out windows. Anyone who’s ever fallen out of love will devour it. “Feels like 69” ends the album with a melodic punch, leading into an outro that’s the antitheses of the intro.

After talking to Jeremy, I know how intentional that was. A light, ringing intro and a monotone opener moving into a melodic bang of a closer and heavy, slow outro. It’s a holistic listening experience. The whole shebang. Jeremy and Mikhail shaped the experience together. Jeremy writes and sings, his electronic preference for deep drones coming out in every song, either via synthesizer or his bass. Mikhail mixes and masters, adding his trills and whistles to keep Jeremy from droning on (*wink*). They have a blast creating music together, and keep each other balanced and interesting.

As for next steps, Party Dark is going to keep playing and loving their music. They’re playing live, moving their music back out of the computer just like the old days of Jeremy and Mikhail jamming together in garages. Keep an eye out for their shows, and releases from their crossover groups, friends and musicians joined under the Party Dark family: Fuxcs, LaCoy, and a solo album from Jeremy Winter himself.

I’ll be watching Party Dark closely. You should too.

Hear it below: