Sounds: Tres Kings // Wake Up the People

Kent’s Tres Kings reached straight out of the speakers on my laptop and grabbed me in roughly two seconds. There’s something about Brit-rock that just gets me going, and these guys offer it up on a dirty, scuffed, dented silver platter.

Loud, heavy, and laced with protest-fueled lyrics, Tres Kings would do a banger of a job waking up the people with just a set of speakers and this song. The most surprising thing about this band, in my opinion? They’ve only been together for about nine months. Nine. Months. And they’re making music like this?

“Now kids, where’s money come from? 

Oh yeah, it’s printed.

They settle up the debt with someone that can’t pay and now they’re minted

On the dollar bill “In God We Trust,” that sounds like lust

Put together by selfish men and the power they indulge.”

Watch out, world. Tres Kings are here and they’re ready to wake you up with some good old fashioned rock ‘n roll.

Stream “Wake Up the People” here:

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