Sounds x Music Video Review: Parrot Dream // Light Goes (In Mines)

Parrot Dream came out absolutely swinging with the title track of their debut LP, Light Goes.

“Light Goes (In Mines)” is a beautiful injection of emotions. Echoed voices and washed out yet crisp guitar echo in your ear with undeniable familiarity. On my first listen, I immediately thought, “Oh, I know this song! I love it!” though I’m not sure I’d ever had the pleasure of even hearing Parrot Dream before. It’s like meeting a stranger, but everything about them — their face, their laugh, the way they peel labels off of beer bottles with their thumb — screams that you’ve been friends for a very long time.

The video is something else altogether. Kai Pelton stars in a hauntingly intimate look into a day in the life of emotional complexity: waking up, becoming the person you show the outside world, and venturing into city. Shots cut between solemn glances and frantic, joyful dance. It’s a masterpiece.

Maybe I’m biased. It reminds me of my favorite book, Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man. Both are a brief but mindbogglingly full glance at a character. You don’t just read or listen or watch; you absorb the character. You feel what they feel, if only for a moment. It’s art in my favorite form.

Hear it below: