Sounds: RHOUGE // Breakfast Drama

French band RHOUGE have released a chugging, fuzzy, head-bob of a tune called “Breakfast Drama,” and it’s the kind of thing that’s perfect for driving away from some emotional ruin. It’s also flawlessly produced, recorded and engineered. Each instrument retains it’s own sweet little harmonic and equalized pocket.

Not to mention the song’s bass line. Songs with tasty bass/kick combinations like this are a primo chocolate-and-peanut-butter situation. The electric fuzz guitar additions are also so tastefully toned and paced, adding a perfect energy to the song.  The subdued use of the hi-hat helps ratchet up the chugging engine of the song when it’s finally turned on.

The tune is dark, serious, and deceitfully simple; really a thrill. Listen and watch below:

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