Editor’s Space: Introducing On The Road

Of all the hundreds millions of things KP and I have discussed over the last few months, the idea of having a weekly column on Left Bank is at the top of the list/the most frequently revisited topic.

Guess what? This week, we made it happen. And since we officially started 2019 on Monday, January 7th, we did it on the second day of the new year!

On The Road, Left Bank’s debut column, is especially exciting for me because it’s giving an intimate, in-depth look at life on the road for a DIY/indie…aka the life I’ve lived for the last seven years. There’s a lot that goes on between the venue and the van – lots of jokes made, naps taken, and life lived – that’s not glamorous or Instagram worthy, but you know what? We love it, because it’s what makes incredible bands we’ve been obsessed with for years who they are: hard-working road warriors with a story to tell.

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On The Road is the place for those stories. We’ll share photos, videos, setlists…you name it, it’ll be there. Plus, you’ll get a chance to know Left Bank’s bands a little bit better.

Three more days. Keep an eye out. 😉

xx L

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