Sounds: Iwan Fish // Eyes of Ice

Iwan Fish, a Dutch native, has released his brooding folk-rock track “Eyes of Ice.” The track is a building, guitar-heavy ballad with some synthetic strings underlying the steady rhythm of the main instrumentation.

The song tells a classic tale of should I stay or should I go, boiling over with the emotion of romantic indecision, resentment, and anger. But it’s one of romantic anger, a type of anger without malice, but disappointment for someone you saw more in. So if you’re feeling any of these emotions with your significant other, give this song a listen. And if you’re not, listen to it anyway.

“You’re slipping out of sight

I’m walking home tonight.”

Check out the rest of Iwan’s release if you’ve got the chance. Much like it’s cover, it’s an endearing, understated psychedelic folk-rock release.

Listen to the track on Spotify here:

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