Sounds: Le Corbeau // Secret Dreams

There’s a real violence beneath the surface of Le Corbeau’s “Secret Dreams.” Oslo based noir rock band Le Corbeau is as high concept as they come, and “Secret Dreams” sounds like a bloody crime scene. Principal songwriter Øystein Sandsdalen croons like a Norwegian Nick Cave, his voice as moody and dark as an unsolved mystery. “Secret Dreams” would be a great song to throw on at the end of the night, while you are walking home through the dark and smoking a cigarette.

Le Corbeau just released a trilogy of albums simultaneously that they have been working on for seven years. This ambitious feat is rare in the modern world; most people can’t even sit through one album, but these avant-garde Norwegians tempt a curious listener with hours of immersive music to transport them to a new soundscape.

Check out Secret Dreams, and if you dig it, throw on the entire trilogy.

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