Sounds: Repeatedive // Dead Plan

Taipei, Taiwan-based Repeatedive is evolution presented musically. “Dead Plan” features bubbling primordial bassline underlying gleaming futuristic guitar licks. The tune is short and sweet, quickly building moving layers without one unnecessary note. “Dead Plan” itself is upbeat and joyous, but the vocals are drowned and full of remorse, creating sharp contrast and beautiful tension. It would be wonderful music to skate to, or to listen to in the back of a crowded, late-night subway train.

Singer and songwriter Alan Yang opts to write most of Repeatedive’s songs in English to appeal to a wider world audience, yet there is something unique in their aesthetic which could only come from Taiwan. Bassist Larry Chen shines on the track and drummer Baron Jan gives the song a beating heart with his tight drum work.

Give it a listen.

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