Sounds: Valuemart // Warmth

I’m back in my little room again. My dark curtains are only half open, a little brass lamp lighting the room. It’s funny how I’ve continued to make the same little safe haven over the years without even meaning to. I didn’t even realize I did it until I talked to a friend about my bedroom aesthetic the other day. It’s been the same for almost the past 8 years.

And here I am again, in my little safe place, retreating into music because my day was hard. I worked a long blue-collar day while I waited (in vain) to hear back from a potential employer with a job I really want. Unbridled discontent is setting in again.

Luckily enough, I found the dark, heavyhearted beats to soundtrack my night. Valuemart‘s “Warmth” is the sound of London in the rain. It’s the feeling of cold toes in the ends of your wet boots as you trudge home at 4 in the morning. Washed out and heavy tones fill my tired heart with both angst and relief. “Warmth” smells like a night in late November, and it’s a perfect track for a night when you’re feeling alone.

Hear it below:


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