Sounds: Waterwalls // Skin

It’s always been a dream of mine to go to Paris. The culture, the history, the bookstores and croissants and coffee in little cafes…there’s something so dreamy and hazy about Paris. Maybe it’s the ghosts of the artists, writers, and music makers who came before us, or maybe it’s just the drifting fog in the air. I always envisioned myself living in a little walk-up flat with drafty windows, creaking wood floors, and a little record player, where I’d play all my favorite jazz records while sitting in a worn out, overstuffed chair.

After listening to Waterwalls newest track, “Skin,” I feel like I’m almost there.

Based in north Paris, near Pigalle, Waterwalls – aka Xavier Ridel – captures the romance of the city in less than six minutes with “Skin.” Drifting, ambient, and sincere, “Skin” is the perfect track to listen to while wandering alongside the Seine…or, in my case, imagining I’m wandering alongside the Seine.

Stream “Skin” here:

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