Seen: Mucciolo, Brooklyn-Born Fashion Label

It’s not very often that you come across a brand-spanking new fashion label that completely blows you away, but for the NYC brand Mucciolo – led by the inimitable Laurie Mucciolo – being impressive is something that comes very naturally.

I’m also proud to say that I know her from one of my past lives, and while I was mildly shocked to see that our former Digital Creative Director had launched this incredible fashion brand, it must be said that the full extent of her talent had simply been waiting to be exposed — it wasn’t that much of a surprise: she’s one hell of a graphic designer and one of the most stylish people I’ve ever met.

Mucciolo, the brand, made itself known a few months back, when a few colleagues from my music industry days posted words of praise and support for her new venture across social media – these colleagues, mind you, are now in top spots at New York ad agencies, running their own companies, or just returned from spending a year in Spain. We aren’t talking ordinary people, and it’s true that the company you keep – on and offline – really can have an impact on just how far you go to actualize your dreams.

And actualize her dreams she did. The brand Mucciolo stands at the intersection of art history and music – many of the pieces are inspired by fine art of the past, with a nice punk rock/metal flair. It’s chic and elegant; edgy and bold; modern.

In general, Modern Art, architecture and graphic design have a huge influence on my brand’s overall aesthetic. I love artists who play with hard and soft as well as dark and light. The interplay always creates moments of softness and sometimes a perception of movement. These elements as well as texture, mixed media and subtle volume inspire me.

Davide Balliano

Visual references that influenced her first collection range from Karl-Heinz Adler to Katarzyna Adamek-Chase,  Julian Stanczak, and Davide Balliano. And, the influence is apparent, without being too overbearing. With education and influence in fine art, Mucciolo puts her own spin on things, making her pieces a form of wearable art — which in my opinion, is what fashion is, and should be.

Karl-Heinz Adler  This particular piece influenced the pleats I brought into a few of the pieces – Laurie Mucciolo

The MUCCIOLO Brand continues a longstanding family tradition of tailoring, creating expertly crafted luxury garments that began in Castel San Lorenzeo, Italy several centuries ago.

In the late 1800’s, we immigrated through Ellis Island and rooted ourselves in the Manhattan Garment District … With respect to our lineage, we aim to help revitalize NYC’s Garment District by producing parts of every collection in New York City. – Laurie Mucciolo

Where history meets the present, and fine art meets textiles — and all layers and levels in between — is where you’ll find Mucciolo, elegantly seated, and here to stay.

View her entire Fall / Winter 2018 collection here.

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