Sounds: Brace! Brace! // Tease

Paris, France has long been an artistic hub of the world and Brace! Brace! carries on the city’s long tradition of artistic excellence. Their tune “Tease” is a lofty and cloudy, synth-driven joy that will not fail to put on a smile on your face, even when life is crumbling around you. The vocal melody and guitar dance together as lovers, and a cello riff provides a classic beauty to the tune. There’s a mild touch of Mac DeMarco’s jizz-jazz in happy, easy mix, but the track is full of gorgeous originality.

When you’re having a bad day and the world is crashing down on your head, just thrown on some Brace! Brace! and watch your spirits soar. Or if you’re already in a state of bliss, why not double down?

Listen to “Tease” now.


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