Sounds: Delafaye // Acid Tongue

Louisville’s Delafaye came out swinging with Acid Tongue, and the title track is just as hot. Groovy, awash in reverb, and mellow, “Acid Tongue” is the perfect track for a late night drive, the windows down and the balmy summer air blowing through your hair.

“If the lipstick is bitter
Don’t fall in love
With acid tongue

I know that I’m wrong sometimes
I get in the way.”

There’s something bittersweet and nostalgic about this track that reminds me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. You know the scene where they drive through the tunnel, and Emma Watson is standing in the back of the truck? It’s sweet and beautiful and young and sad, all wrapped up in three minutes and forty-four seconds of ambient indie rock.

Stream “Acid Tongue” here:

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