Sounds: Simen Mitlid // Saturdays

I rant about indie-folk a lot. It satisfies me in a really emotionally primal way. The rhythm of a good guitar pick, the harmony, the honesty of the lyrics always put me back in the summer woods—little streams of light flickering through leaves and water trickling near by. So, of course, my Spotify is full of Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens to whisk me away from the city when I’ve had a bad day. To my great relief, I’ll get to add a new album to my list this year.

“Saturdays” is the first single from Simen Mitlid‘s newest album and it checks every one of my boxes. The Oslo-based group creates artful acoustic music that feels like mud caking your shoes as you walk through the forest. It’s organic and self-produced and you should fill your ears with it when you miss the sound of birds.

Hear it below:


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