Sounds: VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes // WMM (Wai My Money)

As a self-proclaimed child of Fela, I have a bias for socially conscious music. In the current era, very few African musicians have been able to find that elusive balance between groovy rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics, and I can confidently say that VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes is one of them.

“WMM (Wai My Money)” is part of the band’s Humanimals EP, which was released in 2016. In case you don’t understand West African Pidgin English, Wai My Money means ‘where is my money.’

“WMM” has a blues feel. The smooth and groovy bass guitar loop in the intro of the track had me captivated.

VILLY, a Nigerian artist based in Ghana, displays his lyrical mastery on the track as he skillfully touches on questionable habits and corruption.

“Ada where is your daddy
Ada say my daddy say make I tell you say him don travel
But I remember, I be see you from corner
Is your daddy hiding for the bed under?
Come out, you coward and surrender”

The part of his lyrics quoted above was most likely inspired by a popular folk fable about a cunning tortoise. I have to say that VILLY’s ability to fit this into the track is impressive. He goes on to take a swipe at corrupt African leaders in the song.

“These African leaders no know the meaning of leadership
You be leader, you be servant to the people, you no be our king
Get that into your head
So you no fit dey chop our money dey clean mouth”

“WMM” is over 8 minutes long, but I feel it could run for another 8 minutes and I wouldn’t get tired of it. The swinging blues tune is very enjoyable. VILLY does an excellent job of bringing a rebellious expressiveness to a blues jam. His reasonings are very relevant, and the band is on-point.

I believe VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes’ music would come to define this era just like Fela’s music did in his era. Check out “WMM” below:

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