Sounds: Freakin’ Disco // Rules

Budapest’s psycho-jazz quartet Freakin’ Disco blends the precise elements of electronic music with improvisational jazz and techno-space music in “Rules.” It’s dark, heavy, and surreal, moving along with a frantic anxiousness. I felt my heart race while listening, the nervous energy coursing through my veins with the pounding of the drums and the soaring, ambient instrumentation.

“On the way of healing your inner child you may meet your unprocessed feelings and forgotten monsters,” the bands says of “Rules.” “The clip shows a surrealistic compilation of befriending archetypical fears left behind by childhood.”

The vocals are low and droning over the beat of a drum machine and the twang of an upright bass. It’s an ominous dirge of a song, offering no comfort or ease, but it’s an intoxicating listen.

Watch the emotive video for “Rules” here:

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