Sounds: AN_NA // Hey Fly

I never knew quite how to feel about AN_NA’s “Hey Fly.” but I knew I liked it. Is it sexy? Is it creepy? Funny? Disturbing?

Montreal based AN_NA have made a song which is a battle between dark, dripping spoken word sections and thick 90s distorted guitar, a la Marilyn Manson. The dark grooviness of the distortion cuts through the minimalism. There is an intensely sexual vibe to the song, sexy in the way that Yolandi Viser is sexy: creepy and trashy, but you love it. The song opens with the line:

“Hey Fly.

You’re my friend, fly.

I dig you cuz you’re black.

I would put you in my mouth but I already have a cockroach.”

Hey, insect, I’d put you in my mouth but I already have another insect. Amazing.

Whispers of French circle through the song, as the singer, Anne, describes increasingly gruesome things she would do to her friend the fly. Dark electronic elements prevail; there are false endings and new beginnings, and a cruel brutality at the end that keeps you guessing. What is the fly? Who does it represent? It is so rare for a song to set me on a quest for meaning.

It’s trashy-sexy-creepy-cool and I love it.


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