Sounds: Hans Isn’t Driving // I Didn’t Want To Know

From the first notes, “I Didn’t Want To Know” is a track full of anticipation and release. It is soft, powerful music of sweeping, breathtaking beauty.

Crafted with love and care by Hans Isn’t Driving, the new moniker for LA-based producer Alex Wilcox, the song is indie electronica of the finest caliber. The track features crystalline vocals shining like rebel diamonds, gentle synthesizers twinkling as if each note were a little star, and a digitized xylophone solo that nurtures your inner child. The song can possess your mind with a friendly ghost as it ends, a happy and wholesome memory that leaves a listener feeling as peaceful as if they had just risen from a meditation.

“I Didn’t Want To Know” is the first single off of the EP Groceries. New songs will be released every week, with the next single dropping January 17th.

Do yourself a favor and listen now.

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