Sounds: Visions In The Clouds // Show Me The Way (You Tried To Be Seen)

Swiss post-punk band Visions in the Clouds delivers a heavy and hectic performance on their new single, “Show Me The Way (You Tried To Be Seen).” There is something deep, dark, and depressing about the track, which sounds like driving through a long tunnel on a motorcycle.

The music is bleak and nihilistic from the droning guitar to the relentless, merciless synth line. It captures so much of the supposed zeitgeist of our generation, the crippling demons of self-doubt caused by dreaming big and going for what you want despite all logical reservations. It’s about flipping the bird at a typical life and the constant echoes of failure that clang around one’s mind as they get lost blazing their own path and.

Vision in the Clouds new album, What If There Is No Way Out, dropped in October, and they are embarking on a European tour in April.

Check out Show Me The Way below:

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