Sounds: Millay // Empty Caverns

Aptly named, “Empty Caverns” is a vast and morose exploration, a drowsy clamoring movement into an increasingly chaotic and anxiety-inducing musical space. Austin-based multi-instrumentalist Drew M performs under the moniker Millay, and the echoes of his mind fill every space of “Empty Caverns.”

The song is at times Codeine-like, and at others, creamy and thick, like a good milkshake, but it builds with lightning fast drums towards a panic-attack ending. Millay is a godly drummer; the constantly changing rhythms and syncopations are delightful and gorgeous, his synthesizers hum under a clamoring glockenspiel – of all things – and the vocals are completely dissociative.

There is such a journey the song takes you on, through empty space and crowded rooms, breakdowns and moments of clarity, love and pain.

Embark below.

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