Sounds: Rabbithole / Bipolar Sunshine x Ghost in the Waves

Words by K

This track just starts and makes me smile. And, I ‘m not in much of a smiling mood these days. Granted we have a KILLER show coming up in NYC and then I head to London for our first international showcase, but you ever been so busy that you’re too busy to be happy about the things you’re doing?


This track feels like that: it’s got that 80’s new wave meets dance that I can only compare it to nights in The Grove in St. Louis – twirling around the stripper pole in Ernie’s and wondering why no men were hitting on me. And it was great. And this track is great.

Bipolar Sunshine’s brand new project Rabbithole comes off the 2 yr anniversary of Middle the multi-platinum selling single off DJ Snakes’ album Encore

Really wishing I could bring this track, and my dog and his rave collar to Ministry of Sound for a nice old dance party // rave but for the moment, my desk and shitty desk speakers will have to do.

Listen on my little unicorns: