Sounds: Starla Starshine // Red Lagoon

Words by K

“I’m in Heaven on Earth with you.”

So excited to get this review of Starla Starshine out into the universe! First off, her name is epic — wondering if I should change my last name to Starshine? Secondly, her track “Bad Boys” speaks so hard to this Brooklyn girl and her love of dating Brooklyn boys (see: musicians).

Orange County-born Starla Starshine is an emerging singer, songwriter, and mental health activist who brings forth music that is equal parts indie rock and indie electro, with some real bohemian vibes coming out.

The three-track debut EP Red Lagoon, is a mix of tracks that you can both sing along too and dance too. It’s quintessential road trip music (MLK day, anyone?)

“Red Lagoon is my sound, my vibe, my child, what my soul would sound like. When you listen to these three songs, you’ll know my aura, and who I am.”    

The three songs on Red Lagoon are the perfect gateway into the grounded, yet surreal Starla Starshine experience. The infectious, playfully swinging “Bad Boys” is about falling for that person you crave even when the Universe tells you to brake and steer clear from that harmful idea of love. It’s real life – Starla falls frequently for dudes who look like Jesus but roll like Lucifer (can I get an “Amen”).

The fuzzy trancey “Lover Man” takes the opposite approach, a fantasy fulfilled where she falls in love with a real man; then you’ve got the moody, murky and immersive “Red Lagoon” which finds Starla losing herself and literally bleeding so that someone else doesn’t have to.

Give a listen to her new EP here x

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