Sounds: Lucille Furs // Paint Euphrosyne Blue

I’ll be honest: I’m a huge fan of Lucille Furs, the LA-via-Chicago quintet with the most psychedelic of all rock songs. Their newest release, “Paint Euphrosyne Blue,” is just as incredible as I thought it would be when I got the news that they’d just dropped a new single.

“And the odds are good I’m not the only one to curry a favor

And you’d like it if I wasn’t so excited by my own behavior

Well, alright, you’re right, I guess I like all the noise.” 

It’s like The Beatles stayed together, moved to the States, developed a twisted sense of irony, and went back to their days of leather jackets, without ever leaving the gorgeously psychedelic days of the 60s. Lead singer Trevor Newton Pritchett even has that iconic, wry, “I know something you don’t know” John Lennon tone to his vocals.

“The song is a reference to the goddess of mirth, about the human need to adapt to the point of becoming unoriginal,” the band says. “It’s about chasing Van Gogh’s depression because it makes you feel like a better painter.”

Bottom line? I love it. 10,000 stars. Yes yes yes from me. Stream “Paint Euphrosyne Blue” here:

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