Sounds: Harlem // Blonde on Blonde

When most people hear “Harlem,” you immediately think of that neighborhood in New York City with tons of character. Maybe you think of the of the Harlem Renaissance Period, or even the famous Apollo Theater. We’re about to change that. Harlem, a rock duo from Austin, Texas, has a brand new track out, titled “Blonde on Blonde.”

“Blonde on Blonde” is perfect for listening during a summertime cinematic car ride along a coastal highway, with the windows down, yell-singing along. You know what we mean! It is such a feel-good tune that becomes an instant classic in your head, the kind that you’ll be humming forever. Not to mention the guitar riffs that will be etched in your brain.

Harlem – made up of friends Coomers and Curtis – will be releasing their sophomore album Oh Boy on February 14th. Who needs the drugstore-bought chocolate boxes and half-dead red roses when you got great tunes? Skip making reservations for that posh restaurant where you order the second cheapest glass of merlot and listen. If you’re in Austin, New York, London, or Paris, you can also catch them on tour this February.

Stream “Blonde on Blonde” here. Then repeat, forever.

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