Sounds: Omby Amby // The Way It Makes Me Feel

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s something in the water in Portland, Oregon, because they’ve just produced another of my favorite bands.

Omby Amby, the rock ‘n roll project handcrafted by singer/songwriter/producer Laszlo Jackson, is Jackson’s latest project, the result of a lifetime spent writing music. “The Way It Makes Me Feel” is an intoxicating blend of rock from the 70s and 80s, the music Jackson fell in love with and that’s made so many others fall in love, too.

“It has a nice variety of genuinely filthy electric guitars, making a stormy bathwater sea on which angelic harmonies rise and fall precariously amidst the bathtub waves, a beat that says “look ma, no hands!” and some thought-provoking lyrics — sometimes even featuring characters or narrative,” Jackson says of the “The Way It Makes Me Feel.” “There may be occasional run-on sentences too. Hopefully you’ll be feeling too good to notice. That’s the general idea.”

This “look ma, no hands!” beat is relentless until the very end, driving the song along as Jackson’s doubled vocals tells a story of a regular life transformed by music. Stream “The Way It Makes Me Feel” here and experience an instant good mood:

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