Sounds: Randolph III // Stumblebum

Indie rock x electronic artist Randolph III‘s latest single, “Stumblebum,” is weirdly catchy, despite the whole “existential dread” thing.

Inspired by the sounds of James Blake and Blood Orange, Randolph III blends tight drum machine beats with fuzzy guitar riffs and echoing, overlapping vocals to craft “Stumblebum” in all its electro-rock glory. It’s cyclical, drawing listeners in and crafting a buzzing, rhythmic world where you lose track of time and space.

“Even a sick mouse can whimper,

A sick mouse can crawl.

I’m a message from a hole in the center,

I’m a message from a hole in the wall.”

When the song ended, I felt vaguely confused. Granted, it might be the lack of caffeine in my veins, but the dark beats are hypnotizing. It’s the kind of track you lose yourself to in a club, packed between strangers as you give yourself over to the music.

Stream “Stumblebum” here:

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