Sounds: Stand Up and Say No // The Cold Couldn’t Reach Us

Ottawa’s Stand Up and Say No, the one man band powered by the creative mind of Andre Nault, is all about rebellion, and guess what? It’s so Left Bank. We love it.

Years ago, Nault reached a point in his career where he grew tired of performing for small crowds who didn’t care and abandoned life as a touring musician. He sold all of his gear – except one guitar – and prepared to settle down and find a life of stability. Unable to shake his love for music, though, he began to write jingles. After getting a placement, he realized something: he didn’t have to give up a career in music to care for his eight children.

““I remember one evening watching television and thinking to myself ‘Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Is this how you want the kids to remember you?’ The answer was a resounding “NO!””

This second chance in music spurred Nault to create Stand Up and Say No, blending elements of 60s garage rock with 80s post-punk aesthetics. He captured this perfectly in “The Cold Couldn’t Reach Us,” featuring driving guitar, a tight rhythm section, and reverb-soaked vocals. It’s catchy and grooving, spotlighting Nault’s unique brand of rebellion.

Stream “The Cold Couldn’t Reach Us” here:

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