Sounds x Review: Fever High // Avec You

Fever High, our favorite Brooklyn-based new-wave duo, will have a brand new EP out February 22nd, and we’re pretty psyched about it. To hold us over, the title track from the album has been released, along with a music video. Both of which you’ll want to put on repeat for like, ever. WE ARE OBSESSED!

We also want to be best friends with Fever High and chat about boys over a black Americano in a cute little alfresco cafe. They can choose the location – Brooklyn or Paris – we really don’t mind either way. Maybe both. We’re not picky.

The collaborative project between multi-instrumentalists Reni Lane and Anna Nordeen, the band says the song was inspired by a recent breakup.

“I’d recently been through a breakup and was in Paris soon afterwards. I ended up having the time of my life there; making new friends, music, and memories for life. So the song as definitely inspired by those crazy Parisian adventures and the potential one night has to change your perspective on everything in life and love,” Reni says of “Avec You.”

Directed by the bands’ friend Katie Hayden, Anna adds, “She did a great job building off of the ballet references and Franglais of the lyrics by combining dance footage with a touch of retro French film vibe.”

Check out the video for “Avec You” and fall in love, just like we did.


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