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Tarra // Guitar + Vox // More Tour Ghosts!

We spent about 15 minutes driving past the Italian McDonald’s trying to find our hostel in Perugia. The hostel looked like a castle, and there was an old man with a blank expression staring out the front door when we pulled up. 

The room was in a courtyard with a park in the center. It was warmer than usual, and I didn’t get weird vibes until I woke up in the middle of the night and my entire blanket had fallen on the floor. The next morning I went outside and took a photo in the park, and caught that blue and red orb staring at me again!!

left blank: tar(r)a

We walked around Venice the next afternoon and caught a few photos with a little green orb following us too! 

left blank: tar(r)a-1

Our hotel in Noelle, Italy (near Venice) didn’t seem haunted, but the people there may have been. An older man and his son greeted us at the desk. The young man seemed very friendly and helped us upstairs with our stuff. 

left blank: tar(r)a-2

We were loud and laughing a lot when we came back to the hotel after the show. I was catching up on Cardi B’s Instagram posts while we had WiFi when someone else in the hotel started shouting “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” at the top of their lungs. We made sure the door was very locked after that.

But at 8am our tour manager woke up and said that the door to our room was propped open and there was light shining in from the hallway on Jordyn, who was sleeping in the top bunk! 😮

We never will know who was yelling at us or opened that door. Was it another hotel guest? The old man owner? Or was it the orb entity possessing either of them to try and mess with us?

Natalie // Bass + Vox // More Pasta!

Cia Ancora!

I personally can never get basta pasta! Especially authentic, FREE, Italian pasta. As we make our way to France and the land of crepes and quiche, I leave you with this past week’s complimentary pasta dishes. Also, here are a few Italian phrases everyone should know when touring Italy:

Ciao, Mi chiamo… = Hello, my name is… (note: “Ciao” can be used as both “hello” and “bye”)

Grazie = Thank you

Prego = You’re welcome

Scusa/Scusi = Excuse me (note: “Scusa” is more formal)

Dov’e il bagno? = Where is the bathroom?

Suoniamo = We play music

Arrivederci, Italia! 

Baci e abbraci (kisses and hugs),


1. Black bean linguini with olive oil, sauteed romanesco, parmiggiano reggiano (Faenza, Italia)


2. Potato spaghetti with poached egg, cracked pepper, butter, and a rice and black bean crisp  (Faenza, Italia)


3. Penne with pesto sauce (Viareggio, Italia)


4. Fusilli with olive oil, sauteed oyster mushrooms, onions, and zucchini (Soliera, Italia)


Check back next week for more On The Road stories with Sharkmuffin


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