Sounds: Dorvin Borman // A Field So Far Away

All it took was a few seconds of Dorvin Borman’s new song “In A Field So Far Away” to make me fall head over heels in love. His music is so dreamy, uncannily relatable, and beautifully imaginative that it feels like the soundtrack for my generation. “A Field So Far Away” is groovy, but in a millennial way, the type of disjointed music someone my age would make after daydreaming about Haight Ashbury circa 1969 on two hits of inspiration.

The best part of this soon-to-be psychedelic-pop classic is that it just gets better and better, climaxing in a lackadaisical section where Dorvin’s charming vocal riffs play with his clever synth work the way that a highly skilled and permanently unemployed man climbs the leaderboards on Xbox live.

You’ll see what I mean. Dorvin is a self-described twenty-something multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles, and this twenty-something writer based out of Melbourne cannot wait to hear what he puts out next. His work blew me away. Get a fucking Facebook page man so I can like the shit out of that.

Fall in love below. It’s the season.

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