Sounds x Review: The Suncharms // Red Dust

Sheffield quintet The Suncharms – made up of Marcus Palmer, Matt Neale, John Malone, Richard Farnell, and Chris Ridley – have just released their first single and video since 1991. Entitled “Red Dust,” it’s a mellow, indie-pop dream, featuring out-of-this-world lyricism and spacey melodies.

Almost thirty years ago, the five musicians found their lives going in different directions, but, despite the extended hiatus, their fans never let The Suncharms truly fade away. In 2015, the band reunited to make a compilation CD, featuring old recording and assorted memorabilia, which was then released by Cloudberry Records in 2016. The release spurred even more enthusiasm around the band, pushing the quintet together in a rehearsal space as they prepared to take Suncharms to the stage once again.

Two years later, “Red Dust” is a powerful return to the indie-pop world, confirming that, despite the passing of almost three decades, The Suncharms are here to stay.

Watch the video for “Red Dust” here.

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