Sounds: Waves of Dread // Lay

The 2010s are almost over and that means it’s time for 90s revival to begin! Pull out your old flannels and pre-ripped jeans and let your ears soak in the glory of Waves of Dread. The gentle buzzing intro of “Lay” explodes into an immense fuzzy distortion so solid you could build a bridge out of it. The classic 90s rock disinterested, almost spoken vocals carry with them a story of not only terrible loss but also the memory of what once was precious.

The bittersweet song is packaged nostalgia, every second designed to twist and turn the listener’s emotions. It’s short but I found myself playing “Lay” on repeat. The outro is a mirror of the intro, bare bones and brief, yet unlike the intro which speaks of opportunity the end of the song is a painful lonely thing.

Waves of Dread are Heaton based, a suburb of Newcastle-Upon-Tyre, but “Lay” was inspired by the British band’s soul-searching summer in Barcelona. Their aesthetic is wonderfully refreshing, and any fans of “Lay” should check out their self-titled EP, Waves of Dread.

Bring back the 90s below!

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