Sounds: Twin Drugs // Even If You Are

The dark and experimental dream-pop/noise rock outfit from Richmond, Virginia known as Twin Drugs has dropped their second song and first single, “Even If You Are,” on their new EP entitled Hi Pressure.

Released last week on Flesh and Bone Records, the EP moves from shoegaze space-rock to some kind of alternative post-core. With this release, the band says they “feel this song does the best job of showcasing all of them.”

“I’m dousing your garland in kerosene

Ripe for the parade is this obvious charade

You social matador.”

“I’m dousing your garland in kerosene” starts the track off on a dismal yet orchestrated variation on the indie themes of being lost and alone, derisively scoffing at society through modes of lyrical engineering. The album exercises the atmospheric sound that Twin Drugs goes for, juxtaposing industrial electronic noise over heavy power chords usually found in acid rock psych ballads.

Most of Twin Drugs’ discography floats through open space, creating an ambience that reverberates through your speakers and penetrates the idle still of a wandering mind like a vacuum cleaner in the back of a library.

The band will be on tour 2/25-3/2.

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